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A professional, diversified industrial company covering industries such as domestic trade, international trade, warehouse logistics, real estate development, road and bridge construction, tourism and hotel.

Corporate Culture


Management idea:  Affection, Brotherhood, and Rules.

Operation idea:  Honest, scientific in operation, Benefit as priority, and mutual benefits in harmony.

Corporate spirit:  Trust and respect, pioneering spirit and self-realization

Every employee of Wish Industry keeps true to the initial goal of the team and the honesty in building an enterprise; they create values for customers and strive for self-realization; they keep low profile and are modest, farsighted, industrious, and never satisfied with achievements. Laozi once said, "One shall know himself to self-realize; and restrict himself to become strong." We shall endlessly discover our own weaknesses and demerits, challenge ourselves for greater development.

Corporate mission:  Create profound industrial business, wealth and values, and bear social responsibilities.

Wish employees are filled with the pioneering passion and perseverance that guarantee smooth industrial development. Under the background of a changeable market, they strive to promote the corporate core competitiveness, build a harmonious environment for the society, and create more values for the employees and more returns for the shareholders.

Employee style:  Responsibility comes first

Responsibility is the mission of every employee, and it is also a classic quality to shoulder the responsibilities without any excuse. They would work at their best spontaneously for themselves, for the team, and for their own dreams and missions, as so to fulfill self-realization and win a better future.