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Weixin real estate

Wish industry will always rely on the feasible industrial investment projects and develop the real estate industry steadily with the short, flat and fast investment mode

Weixin real estate



Project I:  Wish Industry entered into the real estate business in 2009 and contracted the real estate project of Yu Hao Yuan in Dongguan. This project covered a construction land of 72,000 square meters, and a construction area of 43,000 square meters, and it includes 86 villas which were sold out by the end of 2012.


Project II:  Wish Real Estate Baofeng City project is located in the joining section of the old and new city areas of Shaoyang County. And now, S317 Provincial road runs through in the north. This project connects with the south section of Baofeng Street (already open to traffic), joins with the yet-to-be-built Shaoyang Siyuan School (4,000 students scale). As planed, this project concerns a construction land of 80,443 square meters and a total construction floor area of 159,818 square meters. Many constructions are six-floor buildings, first floors of which are for business use and the second floors are both for business and household use. There's also a neighborhood featuring three 17-storied buildings, a mall of 8,800 square meters, and a 1,115-square-meter kindergarten with 6 classes. Plot ratio of the project is 2.3, ratio for green space is more than 30%, and the construction density is 31%. On both sides of this project is mountainous landform with well-preserved environment. The project is an ideal place for business and residence. In order to upgrade the transportation status and the integration of old and new city areas, the government has also built Baofeng Road that runs southward through the Baofeng City project, which has also provided a business challenge for this project, improved the transportation of the old city area and offered transportation convenience for this project. 

Wish Industry will stick to the basis of practical industrial investment projects and steady real estate development under the short-term, even, and prompt investment mode.