Road and Bridge Road and Bridge

Road and Bridge

Based on Hunan and facing the whole country, we should devote ourselves to the transportation and make new contributions to the highway construction in Hunan and even the whole country

Road and Bridge


Project I:  Wish Industry entered into the road and bridge construction business in 2008, and contracted the construction of the Youxian section of S315 in Hunan together with Xi'an Guantong Road Engineering Co., Ltd. This project has a full length of 5.513 km, a bridge 526.04 meters long, and a 36.64 meters long crossover. With Level II road technical standards, the designed speed is 60 km/h. The road base is 12 meter wide, and the road is 9 meters wide. This project was finished and opened to transportation on October 9, 2011.

Project II:  Baofeng Road, built by us Guangdong Wish Industry Co., Ltd and the People's government of Shaoyang County of Hunan adopting the BT mode, is a vertical branch road of the city proper. It starts at the cross with provincial road S317, and connects with Baofeng Street in the north. This asphalt road is 680 meters long and 20 meters wide, and it is fully furnished with all kinds of installment such as, road, sewage system, underground pipes, plant, lighting and transportation. The planed Baofeng Street is a vertical branch road in the general network of the New Zhenyu District of Shaoyang County, with its designed speed being 30 km/h. After this section was completed, it would connect Zhenyu Avenue and provincial road S317, which would be massively beneficial to the development of New Zhenyu District of Shaoyang County. The project is now under construction, and is estimated to be finished in October, 2015. 

Wish Industry will based on her own strength, resource advantages and cooperation with other social parties make more contributions to the transportation industry and to Hunan's, or rather, national road construction business.