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Career Opportunities


Sales Elites (Working location: Guangdong or Hunan headquarters)


1) Educational background junior college or higher, major in polymer materials, chemical industry, mould orlanguages;

2) Knowledge in negotiation, telephone marketing, internet lookup and project and industry; excellence in office software such as WORD, EXCEL and PPT;

3) Proficiency in English or Japanese;

4) Ability to bear work pressure, ability to negotiate and strong planning and executive strength. 

5) Adaptive to short-term business trips;

6) Sales experience in Plastic industry is preferred. 

Job Description:

1) In charge of engineering plastics in South China or Hunan and the sales and market development of  Central China regions;

2) In charge of developing new clients and maintaining relationship with target customers;

3) To collect and screen target client groups and make action plans;

4) to fulfill sales tasks and collect receivables in time.