Warehouse Warehouse


Zhangmutou plastic raw material storage base

Advantages & Commitments


Wei Xiang Advantages: 

1) Warehouse close to the plastic market, large-scale storage base built for plastic market trade.

2) The warehouse employs the indoor U-shaped path design and just setup that suit for round-the-clock operation.

3) The warehouse adopts fully enclosed settings, and is free from insect pollution. The goods safety is highly  guaranteed. 

4) Full-scale video monitors are installed to videotape the loading and unloading processes in the warehouse. 


Wei Xiang Commitments: 

1) All customer information and materials are kept confidential; 

2) Protect customer's benefit at our best, and put customer requirements as our first priority. 

3) Strong warehousing system and information support to guarantee that the customers get first-hand  information about the stored materials. 

4) Keep operational under any climate conditions, and guarantee round-the-clock service despite weather changes.  

5) Compensate at the original price for any damages to customers materials.