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Xiangshan Lake residence Star Resort Hotel

Product description

1、 Project background

The hotel project is located in Xinning County, Hunan Province, where the national 5A scenic spot, world natural heritage and National Geopark Langshan Scenic Area are located. It is the only place to enter Xinning County and Langshan Scenic spot. It is only 8 kilometers away from Langshan Scenic Spot, and adjacent to Dongxin expressway connecting line in the north. It is said that when Emperor Shun passed Xinning on his southern tour, he saw the beautiful landscape and blurted out, "the good mountain is Langshan, Langshan." Therefore, Emperor Shun created the word "Lang". Ai Qing, a modern poet, praises Langshan for "the landscape of Guilin is the best in the world, and the scenery of Langshan is better than that of Guilin". Langshan is the most representative and beautiful scenic spot in Danxia scenic area, which is praised as "Danxia treasure" by geological experts. Langshan has been shortlisted as "the most desirable place in China", "the top ten beautiful sceneries of Danxia in China", the top ten scenic spots with the most potential, and the best eco cultural tourism destination in China. However, in recent years, due to the limited reception capacity of local tourists, the backward local service facilities, and the lack of effective promotion and other factors, the number of tourists in Langshan has been decreasing year by year. In 2016, the number of tourists received was 1.1 million, and in 2017, it was said that it did not match the popularity and popularity of Langshan. The tourism value of Langshan was seriously underestimated, and the energy of Langshan was not fully released.

With the development of economy and the improvement of residents' income level, the consumption ability and willingness of residents have been improved year by year, which provides a strong driving force for the development of tourism. The tourism value of Langshan is bound to attract the attention of the world again. Its unique landscape and unique local conditions and customs will surely attract countless people to visit. At present, there are no five-star hotels and one four-star hotel in Xinning County (after many years of aging), the tourist reception ability is low, and the high-end hotel market is completely blank, which is difficult to meet the needs of tourists The position is also extremely out of proportion.




2、 Project interpretation

1. Regional traffic analysis

Langshan Scenic Area is 8 km away from Xinning County, 142 km from Guilin, 100 km from Shaoyang, 70 km from Yongzhou and 395 km from Changsha.

It takes about 5 hours to drive from Changsha to Langshan Scenic Spot, and 2 hours to drive from Guilin, Guangxi. The tourism development of Langshan has been restricted by the inconvenient transportation. After Dongxin expressway is opened to traffic, it connects Shanghai Kunming Expressway in the north and Hubei Expressway in Guangxi in the south, connecting Guilin, Langshan and Fenghuang as one of the three world-class tourist attractions, creating a new tourism route, and basically easing the traffic bottleneck.


Yongxing Railway (Yongzhou City, Hunan Province - Xingyi City, Guizhou Province) started construction in early 2017. Along the line, there are 15 counties and cities along the line, including Anlong county, Ceheng County, Wangmo County, Luodian County, Pingtang County, Dushan county and Sandu County in Qiannan Prefecture, Rongjiang county and Liping County in Qiandongnan Prefecture, Jingzhou County in Huaihua City, Suining County, Chengbu County, Wugang City, Xinning County in Shaoyang City, and Dong'an County in Yongzhou City. In the future, the transportation of Langshan will be more convenient, which is a great benefit to Langshan.


2. Analysis of resource conditions

Landscape resources: Langshan Scenic Spot is a national 5A scenic spot, a world natural heritage, a national geopark, and a name card of Shaoyang. It is well-known in China and even in the world.




Xinning old mountain red tourism area: located in Baisha Town and Jinshi Town, Xinning County, with an area of 20 square kilometers, the scenic area has the first peak of South Chu, with an altitude of 1772 meters; there are "stone curtain boat" and "layer rock waterfall"; there are thousand year old trees; there are century old ancestral temple and ancient tower; there are "Xinning revolutionary martyrs memorial hall", "Xinning County celebrity deeds exhibition hall" and "Xinning County Historical People" There are more than 30 scenic spots such as the Museum of things and deeds.

Xinning is rich in tourism resources, farmhouse entertainment and various scenic spots all over the county.

Cultural resources: Chu Yong was born in the late Qing Dynasty. More than 200 civil and military generals, such as the famous valiant general Jiang Zhongyuan, Liu Kunyi, governor of Liangjiang, and Liu Changyou, a famous general of Hunan army, appeared in the "Chu Yong" of Xinning. Xinning became a real "Jiangjun county" in the late Qing Dynasty with profound cultural heritage.

Jincheng Academy: Jincheng academy is the exhibition base of Xinning's excellent history and culture, education and culture. Visitors to Langshan to enjoy the natural scenery, Jincheng academy to learn about the history and culture of Xinning. Mr. Peng Lijun, chairman of the Academy, looks forward to integrating the resources of Xinning chamber of Commerce in the world, linking customers at home and abroad, combining Jincheng academy, five-star resort hotel and Langshan Scenic Area, creating Langshan International Music Festival and Langshan as background film and TV series, and investing a lot of money to lay out the cultural and tourism film and television industry and make it the most important cultural and tourism sector in the group.


3、 Project orientation

Development goal: a new landmark of hot spring resort in Asia. Langshan tourism is the core of tourism,The number of domestic tourists increased to 3-4 million per year. Benchmarking with Swiss Valls, we are committed to building "Oriental Walsh" and becoming a popular online card punching place in Langshan

Image positioning: super five star characteristic Hot Spring Resort Hotel

Positioning of tourist source market: to create a high-quality tourist route from Guilin to Langshan. In 2019, the total number of tourists in Guilin is about 138 million. It is conservatively estimated that Guilin will attract more than 1 million tourists annually, radiating 30 million middle-class people in Hunan, Guangxi and the Pearl River Delta

4、 Project features

1. Hotel profile

The total building area of the hotel is 43736 m2, with a floor area ratio of 1.0. The building density is 22.83%, the green space rate is 36.5%, and the total investment is more than 500 million. There are six well-designed hot spring buildings including five gardens and one Pavilion. Among them, five gardens are five 2-storey hot spring houses, and one Pavilion is the main body of 10 storey hot spring hotel

The area of natural hot spring is 2200 m2

The exploration depth of hot spring is 2000 meters, and the water temperature is 62 degrees

2. Design style

With the help of the unique folk arts and crafts of the minority nationalities in Langshan area, the traditional architectural details, rich in hierarchical sense and changeable modeling, are integrated into modern architecture in an artistic way. The spirit, shape and traditional handcraft of Langshan Mountain are integrated into the structure and pattern of the hotel. Stop at the hotel, such as appreciation of national art, taste of Humanities and Art Museum, such as a spiritual tour of Langshan, natural charm is engraved in the building.


3. Geographical geological hot spring: Langshan Bulao spring

Hotel hot spring water source

It goes deep into the karst lava stratum of 2000 meters underground, and there is no pollution all the year round;

The mature groundwater circulation system has strong flow function and high activity;

The water quality is pure and safe through the infiltration of rock layers and natural filtration;

Rich in more than 20 minerals and trace elements beneficial to human health;

The pH value is weak alkaline and the redox potential is low;

The most rare 0.5 nanometer natural small molecule water is easily absorbed by human body.

Resort Hotel Spa

It is a health theme hot spring integrating petal bath, salt bath, shower, countercurrent spa, traditional Chinese medicine pool and other functions.

Using the heat and minerals of hot spring, combined with the spring water added with special essential oil, it has a significant cosmetic effect on the skin. Female friends can use this way to rejuvenate the muscles, nourish yin and nourish the face, and bring a new bath enjoyment.

Medicated bath can soften blood vessels, dissolve blood viscosity, relieve spasm, regulate the balance of viscera function, and promote smooth blood circulation of the whole body. Among them, the medicinal bath is from Lianqiao Chinese herbal medicine market in Hunan Province, which is known as the "Southern medicine capital".





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