What are the brands and characteristics of nylon PA66 plastic material (polyamide)

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What are the brands and characteristics of nylon PA66 plastic material (polyamide)

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Guangdong Wish Industrial Co., Ltd. is a partner of several top 500 chemical enterprises in China, such as Bayer Material Science (now costro), SABIC innovative plastics (former GE), Asahi Kasei chemicals (Japan) and Idemitsu (Japan) Kosan, Japan polylactics, etc. These high-tech raw materials are mainly used in mobile phones, solar energy, led, TV, small household appliances, communication electronics, automobile / electric vehicle (EV), machinery and other fields. Guangdong Weixin Industrial Co., Ltd. sells PA66 1300s raw material black PC / ABS c6200-701 medium viscosity and flame retardant grade saber base plastic. PA66 has a high melting point in polyamide. It is a semi crystalline crystalline material. PA66 can also maintain strong strength and stiffness at higher temperature. PA66 still has hygroscopicity after molding, and its degree mainly depends on the composition of the material, wall thickness and environmental conditions. The influence of Hygroscopicity on geometric stability must be considered in product design.

In order to improve the mechanical properties of PA66, various modifiers are often added. Glass is the most common additive, and sometimes synthetic rubber, such as EPDM and SBR, is added to improve the impact resistance.

PA66 has low viscosity, so it has good fluidity (but not as good as PA6). This property can be used to process very thin components. Its viscosity is sensitive to temperature changes. The shrinkage of PA66 is in the range of 1% ~ 2%, and it can be reduced to 0.2% ~ 1% by adding glass fiber additive. The difference of shrinkage rate in the process direction and in the direction perpendicular to the process direction is larger. Performance of PA66 1300s:

Melt index: 14.5g/10min; HTD:113 C, black, environmentally friendly and flame retardant.

What are the brands and characteristics of nylon PA66 plastic material (polyamide)?

(1) BASF, Germany: a3eg6, a3wg6, A3L, a3z, 8233g, 1403-28231ghs, a3eg3, a3w, a3eg7, a3hg6, a3k, a3w2g5, a3w2g6, a3w2g7, a3wg10, a3wg7

(2) Asahi: 1300g, 1402s, 14g33, 90g60, 93g33, cr103, fg171, tr161, wg143, 54g33, 91g60, fg172x31, fr2501300s, cr301, FR200, fr370, lc0201300gt, 13g15, fg172

(3) Yubu, Japan: 1015gc62015se50-bk, 2015sv, 2020gc3-nc, 2020gu9503020gx6332

(4) Mitsubishi: 3010sr, 3010gn153010n, 3021gh-203021gh-30

(5) Us DuPont: 101f, 101L, 1032l, 103fhs, 103fhs, 103hsl, 10b, 10b40, 11c40-bk, 122l, 135F, 13t1-bk, 151l-nc010153hsl-nc0103426, 40a, 408hs, 450, 45hsb-nc, 51g3hsl-nc0105514, 70g13hs1-l, 70g13hs1-l, 70g13l, 70g13sh1l-bk, 70g20 HSL, 70g25hsl, 70g330hslr, 70g330hsl, 70g330hs1-l, 70g33hs1-l, 70g3hs1-l, 70g33hs1-l-bk, 70g33hs1l-bk, 7070707070g33hs1-bk, 7070g33hs1 g33hs1l-nc, 70g33l, 70g35hsl, 70g43l, 70K20HSL,71G13L,72G13HS1L,72G33L,72G33HS1L,73G30HSL,73G30L,73M30,73GM30HSL,74G33L,8018,8018HS,DMX61G15H,DMX65G15AH,DMX65G30AH,DMXST601AH,FE13050,FE15004,FE15033,FE5313-BK,FE5382,FR10,FR15,FR50,FR60,FR52G15BL,FR52G20LX,FR52G30,FR52G30BL,FR52G30LX,FR52G35BL,FR52G45BL,FR53G50HSLR,FR70M 30V0,HTN51G15HSL,HTN51G35HSL,HTN52G30NH,ST901L,ST801,ST8018,ST-801HS,ST801NC,ST811HS,ST901HSIL,WRF51G30BL,EFE7374

(6) Japan Toray cm2402, cm3004g25, cm3016-g25, cm1011g45, cm1014, cm1014-v0, cm3001g30, cm3001g33, cm3004, cm3006, cm6021m, hf3074g30, utn320, e3500, ltp1146s, 2015sv, 2020gu9503020gx6

(7) Suno: 21spc, 21x-nc, 220hsp, 22c, 22hsp, 41h, 50bwfs, 909, ec0315, m344, r513, r513h, r530h, r533, 41sp, gw350, q395, rn5800, 52hsp, 53hsp, 55hsp

Chemical and physical properties:

High rigidity and chemical resistance of PA66 shounuo 21spc

PA66, the glass fiber of PA66 suno r513h r533h is reinforced, with high strength, special heat stability and hydrolysis resistance. It has passed FDA and UL certification. It has been certified by GM, Ford, chryster, Delphi, Valeo, etc., and is suitable for auto parts. Mechanical parts, etc.

PA66 BASF a3x2g5 a3x2g7 glass fiber reinforced, red phosphorus flame retardant has long-term stability and excellent mechanical properties.  

PA66 BASF a3eg6 a3hg5 a3eg7 a3wg6 fiberglass reinforcement is used for mechanical parts that require high rigidity and dimensional stability.

PA66 BASF C3U high toughness halogen and phosphorus free flame retardant grade

PA66 BASF a3k has high fluidity and is used in high stress engineering parts such as bearings, gears, connectors and sockets.

PA66 DuPont 101f special grade is suitable for products with good heat resistance.


PA66 DuPont 101L high strength injection grade improves the feeding and demoulding characteristics of the machine.  

PA66 DuPont 408hs injection grade good heat stability

PA66 DuPont 408l special grade is suitable for engineering products with ultra-high impact resistance

PA66 DuPont 42a is colored, high viscosity silk, molecular weight distribution, can be welded in ultrasonic.

PA66 DuPont 70g13l 70g13hs1l glass fiber reinforced 13% high strength

PA66 DuPont 70g33l 70g33hs1l high strength glass fiber reinforced 33%

PA66 DuPont 70g43l high strength 43% glass fiber reinforced

PA66 DuPont 80g33hs1-l ultra high impact resistance glass fiber reinforced 33% ultra high strength

PA66 DuPont fr10 fr15 fr50 FR60 glass fiber reinforced halogen free flame retardant grade UL94 V-0 grade

PA66 DuPont st801 special grade super toughness, outstanding impact resistance.  


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Difference between modified plastics and non modified plastics

Is it true that there are 100% non modified plastics Weixin is committed to providing excellent material application solutions for outstanding Chinese manufacturers and providing high-quality technical services for the realization of these solutions. Weixin is a regional partner of several top 500 chemical enterprises in China, such as Bayer Material Science (now costro), SABIC innovative plastics (GE), Asahi Kasei chemicals, Idemitsu Kosan and polylactics. These high-tech raw materials are mainly used in mobile phones, solar energy, led, intelligent home appliances, communication electronics, automobile / electric vehicle (EV) / high-speed rail, robot, aerospace and other fields. The modification methods of plastics can be roughly divided into the following types: 1. Reinforcement: the rigidity and strength of materials can be increased by adding fiber or sheet fillers such as glass fiber, carbon fiber and mica powder, such as glass fiber reinforced nylon used in electric tools. 2. Toughening: the purpose of improving the toughness / impact strength of plastics by adding rubber, thermoplastic elastomer and other materials, such as toughened polypropylene commonly used in automobiles, household appliances and industrial applications. 3. Blending: a method to uniformly mix two or more incompletely compatible polymer materials into a mixture of macroscopic compatibility and microscopic phase separation, so as to meet some requirements for physical and mechanical properties, optical properties, processing properties, etc. 4. Alloy: similar to blending, but with good compatibility between components, it is easy to form a homogeneous system, and some properties that cannot be achieved by a single component can be obtained, such as PC / ABS alloy or PS modified PPO. 5. Filling: to improve the physical and mechanical properties or reduce the cost by adding fillers into the plastics. 6. Other modifications: for example, conductive fillers are used to reduce the resistivity of plastics; antioxidants / light stabilizers are added to improve the weatherability of materials; Pigments / dyes are added to change the color of materials; internal / external lubricants are added to improve the processing properties of materials; nucleating agents are used to change the crystallization characteristics of semi crystalline plastics to improve their mechanical and optical properties. In addition to the above physical modification methods, there are also methods to modify plastics by chemical reactions to obtain specific properties, such as maleic anhydride grafted polyolefin, crosslinking of polyethylene, and peroxide degradation in textile industry to improve fluidity / fiber forming properties... this is not the only one. A variety of modification methods are often used in industry, such as adding rubber and other toughening agents in the process of plastic reinforcement and modification in order to reduce the impact strength; or physical mixing and chemical crosslinking exist in the production of thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPV) In fact, any kind of plastic raw material must contain at least a certain proportion of stabilizer when leaving the factory to prevent its degradation during storage, transportation and processing. Therefore, strictly speaking, "non modified plastics" does not exist. However, in industry, the base resin produced by chemical plant is usually called "non modified plastics" or "pure resin".
Company News 2019-08-26

Guangdong Wish supply PC / ABS cp8320 electronic shell plastic raw materials

Guangdong Wish Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 1999, is a well-known professional high-tech material supplier in China, aiming to provide excellent material application solutions for outstanding Chinese manufacturers and provide high-quality technical services for the realization of these solutions. At present, the company's main brands are saber basic innovative plastics, corstar (Bayer), DuPont, etc., and the best-selling materials are PC, PC / ABS, PA66, etc. PC / ABS, polycarbonate and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer and mixture are thermoplastic plastics made of polycarbonate and polypropylene fine (ABS) alloy. They combine the excellent characteristics of the two materials, the formability of ABS materials and the mechanical properties, impact strength, temperature resistance and UV resistance of PC, which can be widely used in automobile interior parts, automobile interior parts and so on Business machines, communication equipment, household appliances and lighting equipment. Guangdong Weixin Industrial Co., Ltd. long term supply of PC / ABS models PC / ABS cp8320 electronic case Product performance: PC / ABS is a kind of modified engineering plastics synthesized by mixing. PC is polycarbonate and ABS is a copolymer of acrylonitrile (a), butadiene (b) and styrene (s). The properties of the modified plastics are better than those of pure PC and ABS, such as the improvement of impact resistance, heat resistance, hardness and so on. ABS plastic Features: 1. Good comprehensive properties, high impact strength, chemical stability, good electrical properties 2. It has good fusibility with 372 PMMA and can be made into two-color plastic parts 3. There are high impact, high heat resistance, flame retardant, reinforced, transparent and other grades.   4. The fluidity is a little worse than hips, better than PMMA, PC and so on.     In the process of granulation, when the thrust is insufficient, the temperature can only be increased to make the molten plastic closer to the liquid state. Although the requirement of insufficient thrust is solved, the price and quality of the finished product after granulation are reduced by an even n grade at the cost of increasing the plastic plasticity. Of course, for the recycling and granulation of PBT waste, the RB series model can be used with the matching Rx The sub machine is combined into a granulator. Application: Typical applications: mobile phone case, computer and commercial machine shell, electrical equipment, lawn gardening machine, automobile parts dashboard, interior decoration and wheel cover. synthetic method There are many ways of producing ABS resin. Now the industrial equipment is mainly applied to emulsion grafting technology and continuous bulk polymerization. Typical application range:
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Special PC C6555 for mobile phone case

After more than ten years of development, Weixin has not only won a broad market, but also has a number of long-term, stable and well-known partners with its professional industry vision and insight. At present, the company's main brands are saber basic innovative plastics, cortex (Bayer), DuPont, etc., and its best-selling materials are PC, PC / ABS, PA66, etc. PC is the abbreviation of polycarbonate, polycarbonate in English is polycarbonate, referred to as PC engineering plastics. PC material is actually one of the engineering plastics we call. As a widely used material in the world, PC has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. PC is a kind of amorphous thermoplastic resin with excellent comprehensive performance, which has excellent electrical insulation, extensibility and size In addition, it has the advantages of self extinguishing, flame retardant, non-toxic and colorable. It can be seen in every corner of your life. Its large-scale industrial production and easy processing also make its price extremely low.   Wish company has a large number of PC plastic raw materials for mobile phone case Advantages: good transparency, strong hardness, falling resistance, light, good strength and toughness Disadvantages: not resistant to scraping, strong acid, alkali and ultraviolet   PC protective case is different from silica gel and TPU case. It is hard. PC plastic has good toughness and light transmittance. Pure PC plastic has pure transparent, transparent black, transparent blue and other colors, which are very good. Weixin has a professional team of technical engineers. We promise our customers that no matter what area you are in China, we will respond to your call and provide face-to-face consultation and technical services for you. We will work hard for the realization of customer value with the enthusiastic service spirit and professional service concept.
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What kinds of PC / ABS plastic raw materials do Guangdong Wish have and their properties

PC / ABS plastic materials can be used in the shell of computers, typewriters, cameras, mobile phones and other commercial machines, electrical equipment, electronic and electrical parts, small household appliances components, hair dryers and connectors ; word processor, medical equipment components; office supplies, cosmetic containers, food plates; lawn and gardening machines; car parts (such as car headlight frame, tail lamp cover, instrument panel, interior decoration and wheel cover). Guangdong Wish Industrial Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in saber basic innovative plastics, costron (Bayer) PC, PC / ABS, Lansheng PA6 / PA66, Qimei ABS, PMMA and other engineering plastics. Pcabs, pcabs, pcabs, PCMA, pc65, pc65, pc66, PCMA PC / ABS c1100 C2100 sandron basic injection grade PC / ABS C1110 sand foundation with high flow and high impact High flow improvement of PC / ABS c1110hf sand foundation PC / ABS c1200 high temperature resistance and impact c1200hf sand foundation high flow PC / ABS mc1100-100 mc1200-100 sandron basic electroplating grade PC / ABS c1300-100 mc1300 mc1300 mc8002-705 sandron basic electroplating injection molding grade PC / ABS C2800 sand foundation flame retardant V0, good fluidity PC / ABS c2950 sand foundation flame retardant V0, high temperature resistance PC / ABS c2950hf basic flame retardant, high flow PC / ABS c6200 sand based flame retardant UV stable PC / ABS mc8002 sand foundation low viscosity, high impact resistance and high ductility injection grade PC / ABS mc8800 sand foundation high temperature resistance, high impact resistance and low CTE injection grade PC / ABS lg9000 sand foundation low gloss automotive interior injection grade PC / ABS T45 Bayer electroplating alloy standard and grade Low temperature impact strength of PC / ABS T65 Bayer standard grade PC / ABS T85 German Bayer standard grade high impact strength and notch impact strength PC / ABS fr110 German Bayer flame retardant injection grade does not contain antimony, chlorine and bromine Frabs 2000 / FRPC injection grade PC / ABS fr3000 fr3005 Bayer, Germany PC / ABS tn-7500 PC / ABS tn-7000 Japan Imperial fire rating Good heat resistance of PC / ABS t-3011 PC / ABS pc-510 Taiwan Qimei fire protection rating PC / ABS pc-540 Taiwan Qimei fire protection rating PC / ABS pc-385 Taiwan Qimei high heat resistant, ultra high impact PC / ABS Korea SamSung first wool knitting hi-1001bn, hi-1001bn-k2261, hr-1008b, hi-1001b PC / ABS Korea SamSung first wool fabrics nh1017t, 1008b, 1015l, g4401, g5748, nh-1000t PC / ABS Korea LG 5001, gn-5001rf, gn-5001tf, gn-5008hf, gp-5001af PC / ABS Korea LG gp5008bf (NP), gp-5306f, hp-5004, hr-5006a, hr-5007a PC / ABS: polycarbonate and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer and mixture can increase the thermal dimensional stability of ABS, improve the low temperature and impact resistance of PC, and reduce the cost.
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